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if I DID IT: Confessions of THE KILLER

On July 31, 2007 Federal Court Judge A. Jay Cristol awarded the Goldman family the rights to If I Did It. Thus began one of the strangest odysseys in publishing history.

The book, called “one of the most chilling things I have ever read” by Barbara Walters, skyrocketed up bestseller lists across the country in fall 2007 as the national media relentlessly covered O.J. Simpson’s dramatic Las Vegas arrest for armed robbery and kidnapping.

Originally written by O.J. Simpson, this edition includes essays by the Goldmans and a member of the Goldman family legal team that reveal the fascinating story behind the bankruptcy case, the book’s publication and the looming court proceedings, that would eventually lead to his conviction.Type your paragraph here.

Can't Forgive: My Twenty-Year Battle with O.J. Simpson

​Published by BenBella Books, Sold by Michael Wright

Don’t tell her she needs to find closure. Don’t ask her to forgive and forget.

When Kim Goldman was just 22, her older brother, Ron, was brutally killed by O.J. Simpson—a horrifying event that led to one of the most public trials in American history. Ron and Kim were very close, and her devastation was compounded by the shocking not-guilty verdict that allowed a smirking Simpson to leave as a free man.

Not only did Kim have to live with the painful knowledge that her brother’s killer walked free, but she also struggled to keep her grief private from the media frenzy and outpouring of public opinion. Counseled by friends, strangers, and even Oprah to “find closure,” Kim chose a different route.

Media Circus: A Look at Private Tragedy in the Public Eye

Published by BenBella Books, Sold by Michael Wright

In Media Circus, Goldman presents the first collective look at ordinary, grieving victims—forced to manage their very private trauma and despair in a very public way.

Through candid interviews and detailed, original reporting, Media Circus delivers riveting, humanizing, and inspiring stories from the victims and survivors of violent crimes who found themselves the focus of national media attention. Its heartfelt narratives showcase the unique challenges of coping with and healing from grief when the whole world is watching.

Known nationwide as a victims' rights advocate after her brother's murder in the infamous O. J. Simpson murder trial, Kim Goldman, is also the Executive Director of The Youth Project; a non-profit organization that provides free counseling, support groups, crisis intervention, and education and outreach to thousands of teenagers, since opening in 2000. 

As an accomplished writer, Kim has appeared twice on the NY Times Bestseller list with His Name is Ron, Our Search for Justice (1998, William Morrow & Co.) and If I Did It, Confessions of the Killer, (2007, Beaufort Books). Most recently, Kim wrote her third book, Can't Forgive, released in 2014 and her fourth book, Media Circus, released in September 2015. 

His Name is Ron: Our Search for Justice

This book is not about OJ. Simpson or his "Dream Team." This book is not another rehash of the "Trial of the Century." It is about Ron Goldman and his blended family. Overnight and through tragedy, this quiet, closely knit family became enmeshed in one of the ugliest and most controversial crimes in recent history. The Goldmans provide a wrenching account, in their own words, of the ripple effect that occurs when a beloved family member is murdered, and the extra burdens that develop when grief becomes a public spectacle. But, more important, the family puts a name, a face, a soul, to the young man referred to in the press only as "a friend of..." or "a part-time waiter and sometime model."Type your paragraph here.