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The Perception Myth: A Guide to Challenge Your Personal Myths and Discovering Your Inner Greatness

​Published by Skyhorse Publishing, Sold by Michael Wright

There are millions of self-help books that all promise the secret to obtaining a happy life—a successful career, lots of money, loving relationships, a defined and firm sense of morality; whatever could possibly define “happiness” for one person. But nothing is possibly more subjective than happiness. Born with a deformity known as Pectus Excavatum (sunken chest), happiness eluded Brad Wheelis as he struggled with low self-esteem, perceived flaws, and societal pressure to be perfect. Eventually, he realized that he had been chasing the wrong ideal.

Today, Wheelis believes that a truly happy life is impossible. No one can be happy all of the time. But you can strive to achieve a fulfilled life that contains a myriad of emotions by making a series of changes: how your preconceived notions of fulfillment differ from realistic goals, what you want to accomplish for yourself, and how you can make those ideas come true. Making a conscious decision to transform your perceptions of both trivial and significant aspects of your life, one at a time, will lead you to your own kind of happiness and inner greatness. The Perception Myth combines personal memoir with a step-by-step approach to happiness for anyone who is afraid or does not know how to take risks. Fulfillment is around the corner; you just need to figure out how to reach it.

Brad Wheelis, author, journalist and former correspondent for ABC News. Getting ahead in a business where people are judged on appearance was a struggle. Not because he looked hideous but because he grew up believing that.

Born with a chest deformity known as Pectus Excavatum, he thought he was defective and that people would judge him based on that one issue. 

As far as personal relationships, he never dreamed someone could, or would love him.

Those were Brad's perception myths. He challenged those beliefs and wrote a book to help others overcome all different types of misperceptions.